The Summit

The Summit © Knut Skjærven

The Summit © Knut Skjærven

Since 2008 there have been an annual summit held in Berlin. Each year in June.

I call it The Summit.

Berlin seems to be a good place for it. It is not an expensive city, things are always going on and photography is high on the cultural agenda. Fits street photography perfectly.

The first years the summit was based on the former The ContaxG Pages and had not much to do with street photography.

Since 2012 The Summit has been based on Facebook relations. First and foremost from On Every Street (2011), but later also from Leica Street Photography (2013), The Europeans (2012), The EDGE (2012).  All these sites are dedicated to street photography.

The Summit will continue in the future. The next summit will be in 2015. Dates to come.

If you have questions to The Summit please use the contact form below or write directly to

Have a good day.

The picture above is from the 2012 summit in Berlin. From left to right you have Abdulmajeed Alshatti, Jose Salcedo, Lara Kantardjian,  Golnar Mahmoudi, Frieder Zimmermann, Bernard Jolivalt,  Fatima Salcedo and Mats Alfredsson. A grand company.

The photographer is out of sight.

From 2015 there will be a partly integration with New Street Agenda. Good luck wanting to come.

Use the contact form for more information.

Copenhagen, July 3, 2014


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