The Author

Knut Skjærven is a Norwegian photographer, writer and researcher living in Copenhagen, Denmark.

He was educated at University of Bergen, Norway, and University of Copenhagen, Denmark. He holds a B.A. from Norway and a M.A. from Denmark. Both within the communication area. Formally he holds a M.A. in Film Science.

In that capacity developed courses in communication, advertising and creativity for the Danish advertising industry. He ran a column on communication for the prestigious Danish business newspaper, Børsen.

He also have an education in Advanced Business Development, including a stay at INSEAD, France.

For many year he was a communication consultant for one of the the largest Danish companies. Since 2010 he has renewed his interest for photography and journalism that was a long time dream.

He has written numerous articles on communication and two books in related areas: phenomenology and advertising. He specialises in visual communication and have a special interest in street photography, where he has initiated many sites and social groups. Read more here.

For more information about the author, please write directly to or use the contact form below. You can also find him at LinkedIn.

Have a good day.

Copenhagen, June 3, 2014.




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