New Street Agenda

New Street Agenda. The Academy

New Street Agenda. The Academy

New Street Agenda is the name of a new orientation within street photography. It is inspired by art and science and great street photography. It brings them together.

The first workshop under the new umbrella was held in Berlin in June 2014.

There is an ebook already public: ON THE GO. Workbook for New Street Agenda. On Facebook I run New Street Agenda. The Academy, where a training program is unfolding for those interested.

New Street Agenda takes street photography to another level. Don’t take my word for it. Search it out for yourself.

Feel free too use The Book and become a member of The Academy.

Not to forget The Wordbook, that goes with the new concept for street photography.

New Street Agenda, then, is the overall name for the new concept. So far there is a workshop, a wordbook and an ebook connected to it. There will be more.

New Street Agenda is an educational program.

By the way, New Street Agenda, is for people with a special interest in street photography. The principles, however,  hold for all types of photography and even visual media that have nothing to do with photography.

Copenhagen, July 3, 2014.


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