Council of Europe

Screen Print

Screen Print

In 2014 I had the luck rot be selected as the only photographer to contribute to Autobiography of Intercultural Encounters under Council of Europe. It is a huge privilege and an honour.

Autobiography of Intercultural Encounters is an educational program that will run for several years.  The aim is facilitating intercultural understanding across European borders. Or within them.

If you don’t know Council of Europe you should definitely go there and check it out. I had to do it and was impressed.

In a few words, Council of Europe is an organisation including all 47 European countries with a population of some 820 million people.

My contribution is to provide photographs to Autobiography of Intercultural Encounters. There are already 47 in use. They will be renewed along the way.

For the moment there is an English version of the application. The French version will open later in 2014 and there will be  a new set of photographs for that.

May I refer you to an interview made by Leica  Camera Blog in June 2014.  The interview tells the story in more detail.

Good luck.

Copenhagen, July 3, 2014


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